Mexican Steampunk Revolution

Pancho Villa “El Centauro del Norte” Porfirio Díaz “El Dictador” Francisco I. Madero “El Espiritista” Carmen Velez “La Generala” Emiliano Zapata “El Caudillo del Sur”

Characters Sketchbook

The Jaguar Warror   The Rockandroller   The Viking   African Maasai   Mayhem   Sped racer   Mr. Olimpia   El Adivino   La amazona   Baseball Guy   Mariachi   Mall Guy   Cowgirl   wampyro

Pagan-oh´s Cereal

Turnaround in sequence to make sure that everything works in all angles. Initial ideas, trying different styles, poses and expressions. I chose the third option because I felt it was the one with a more familiar look to it, I still liked the other ones, but I thought they were better suited for a comic […]

Demons In Technicolor

BAPHOMET.  A deity that the Knights Templar were accused of worshipping     ANDRAS.  A Great Marquis of hell     ABRAXAS. The one that sent Jesus Christ to earth in the form of a benevolente spirit.     OROBAS .  Great Prince of hell, having twenty legions of demons under his control.     RONOVE.  […]


Jimi Hendrix Freddie Mercury Gene Simmons Mick Jagger Selena Johnny Ramone James Hetfield Johnny Cash Michael Jackson